Google Ads FAQ


There are several inputs that influence how much time it will take for your Google Ads campaigns to attain optimal ROI. Ultimately, your monthly Ad Spend divided by your average CPC (cost-per-click) will determine how much data is returned and how quickly campaigns can be optimized.

Ultimately, your Ad Spend should be determined by your overall marketing budget. However, we typically recommend a spending minimum that is related to average CPC for your service keywords which is based on thorough keyword and competitor analysis.

Depending on your business and services Google Ads & SEO can be quite complimentary. With Google Ads you pay to outrank organic search and, depending on your competition, can rank at the top of Google Search immediately. SEO is longer term investment that may take months or even years to grow sizeable traffic and leads but clicks are free.

Don’t worry if you aren’t seeing your Ads when you search for your product or service. There are 2 primary reasons why you aren’t:

  1. There are other businesses bidding on these same keywords. If Google Ads is a profitable marketing channel for your type of service, then you can bet competitors are also using it to advertise, and that’s OK! You may be 1 of 2, or 1 of 5 or 1 of 100 similar businesses bidding on the same keywords in your service area. The chances that you’ll see your own Ad for any given search depend a lot on your competition. 
  2. The more you search for your own Ads, and then don’t click them (remember, clicking your own Ads will cost you money, so please avoid this!) the less likely you are to see your own Ads in the future. This is because Google’s algorithm “rewards” and wants to show Ads to searches that have a higher likelihood of Ads engagement.

Google Ads Plan FAQ

Yes, absolutely. We are big fans of client transparency. You will be included as a full administrator of your own Google Ads account and are able to access it any time you would like. If your engagement ever ends with us, we transfer full account access and you retain all your historical data.  

Although you will have full access to do so, we strongly recommend not making any changes to campaigns we are managing. Our Google Ads experts have years of experience and training and making changes or micromanaging campaigns typically only serves to slow their process. We encourage you to leave it to the experts and evaluate us on performance – leads & revenue for your business!

We conduct in-depth keyword, competitor and industry research which is essential to inform both campaign structure and Ad copy. 

If you don’t have a Google Ads account already we will set this up from scratch for you. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Administrative configuration, including setting up billing. 
  • Syncing Google Ads with all relevant Analytics & CRM platforms.
  • If needed, setting up Google Analytics from scratch (essential for lead & conversion tracking).
  • Custom conversion tracking code implementation.
  • If required, advanced call tracking synced with Google Ads.
  • And of course, your full Google Ads campaign configuration!

Whereas Account setup includes all the elements essential to supporting Google Ads Campaign, Full Campaign Configuration is the actual Google Ads magic. This includes:

  • Keyword research, configuration, match types and negative keyword list development.
  • Targeting configuration, including; location, audience, demographic, Ad scheduling and more. 
  • Ad Group configuration
  • Ad copy research, Ad configuration, extension configuration, split testing and more.
  • Bid strategy selection and ongoing management.
  • Advanced tactics such as behavioural retargeting. 

At North Shore Digital our motto is, “we make data make sense”. Not only do your Google Ads campaigns come with an in-depth report that includes all your performance data, we also configure your Google Analytics to work in sync with your Google Ads account and set up custom coding and tracking for all your most important website leads. We’ll even set up with your 3rd party CRM so that we can track not only important website engagements and leads but also which of these leads converted to a client and the total return on investment for your campaigns. 

Why Google Ads?

Highly Targeted

Reach your target market at the exact moment they’re searching for your service or product.

Massive Audience

Most searches for a new product or service start on a search engine. Google dominates with over 90% of the search engine market. Don’t miss out on the biggest online marketing platform!

Incredible Flexibility

Be highly versatile with the ability to change and adapt your budget, messaging and positioning at a moment’s notice. 

Why Work With Us?

We are a 5 star rated Google Partner with a track record of producing profitable lead generation Google Ads campaigns across a range of industries. 

We are certified Google Ads professionals with 10+ years experience and a depth of industry knowledge in the home services, health, education & finance industries. 

We’ve focused our expertise, training and resources on the Google Search engine because of the massive advertising audience, the growth of Google as the dominate marketing channel for Canadian businesses and the effectiveness of Google Ads for lead generation.

About North Shore Digital

Recipient of the best digital marketing & SEO company in North Vancouver for 2022 from the Consumer Choice Awards.

North Shore Digital is an award-winning digital marketing agency based on the North Shore of Vancouver. We are specialists in SEO and Google Ads in Canada.

What makes us stand out is the integration of our website marketing services: Web Design; SEO; paid ads; web hosting; and social media marketing for companies across the industries.

We know the expected cost-per-lead from paid ads and what your website should generate for you in terms of ROI each month on your marketing efforts.

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