Top 5 things to consider when Choosing a WordPress theme

Finding a theme that suits your site’s purpose is the first thing we need to look at. What do you want your user experience to be? Is your site aimed at getting and converting leads or is it showcase of your work? Once you have worked out how your site will function using specific keywords in the theme store search bar will narrow it down to themes that have been made for that purpose. For example if we are creating a website for an insurance Broker searching keywords such as “Finance Theme” or “Insurance Theme” will bring up themes that have been made for this purpose. These themes will likely come will all sorts of plugins and editors, some of our favorite editors to recommend are Elementor, WP Bakery and Gutenberge. These can be really helpful especially when it comes to the next tip – Responsiveness

How and Why to Blog: Strategy & Tips for Business Blogs

I often get asked ‘what can I do to boost the SEO of my website?’ Or ‘how can I rank for our main industry keywords?’

For a business lead generation website, the answer is simple: create more content.

Creating more content really means blogging. Sure, you can make more service pages and other landing pages. You can even make more content about specific areas you serve to hit those keywords or create more content specific to your company’s culture, values and team. However, the most impact will probably come from the blogs you write.

Why is SEO Important for Your Business? (VIDEO)

In this short 1 minute video, I explain why SEO is important for your business. I begin by asking you three important questions… Watch the short video below:

Why is SEO important for your business?

To start with, I’ll ask you 3 questions:

  1. How many websites do you think there are in the world?

The answer is a lot… For sure… It’s nearly 2 billion as of October 2019.

  1. How many factors does Google use to rank websites in its search algorithm?

The answer is over two hundred.

  1. How many clicks take place on page one of Google?

The answer is as high as 95%.

The answers to the above questions mean ranking on page one of Google for your target keywords is not only critical; it can be complex.

This is where North Shore Digital helps. We focus directly on SEO and analytics.

I also teach SEO downtown at Brainstation Vancouver so I keep up-to-speed with all the latest changes.

If you or anyone you know:

  1. Has a website
  2. It’s important to their business
  3. They need help with their rankings

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